Friday, November 7, 2008

Four Roses 120th Anniversary edition,15 year old Bourbon

Spirit: Four Roses 120th Anniversary edition, 15 year old Bourbon
Distiller: Four Roses Distillery
Price: Original retail $65, Ebay $90 - $200

Of all of the American whiskeys produced, Four Roses Yellow Label stands as my favorite. It's got tons of texture and depth especially for a spirit priced in the teens. The only problem with it is availability. Back in 2001, the Japanese purchased the distillery with export only intentions. Jim Rutledge, the master distiller, put a little caveat in the contract saying that the product had to be sold in a fifty mile radius of the distillery so that the people who made could still buy it. There is limited distribution in places like NY and Chicago but if you want it you're going to have to head to Kentucky.

Earlier this year, Rutledge decided to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the spirit by releasing a fifteen year old barrel strength bourbon. Again a great spirit, hard as hell to get. Tom and I scoured the internet and local resources to get our hands on few bottles.


Justin's Notes

Color: Honey, Medium Amber, Looks to be free of sediment. Looks to
have a great deal of body based on the streaking on the glass.

Nose: Etheral nose. Vegetal in the background. Baking spices down deep. Allspice, corriander. Pickles and pickling spices. Marshmallow. Everything lies underneath.

Pallette: High alcohol. Charcoal, banana, some confectionary notes. A little oily(good body). Long Finish. Tannins(good grip). Soft entering mouth. Backs it up with corn and oak. Good balance of both. At first I was concerned about the cut, but after a second taste I'm assured it's good. Marshmallow.

Rating(out of 10): 9


Tom's Notes

Color: Light Amber, Honey color. No sediment, pure clean. Clings to the glass very well.

Nose: Dill. Banana. Coconut.

Pallette: Acidity on sides of tongue. Apricot. Thick body. Medium to long finish. Caraway. Good cut. Hot on entry, calms down quickly.

Rating(out of 10): 8.75

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