Friday, November 7, 2008

Del Maguey Minero Mezcal

Spirit: Del Maguey Minero Mezcal
Florencio Carlos Sarmiento of Santa Catarina Minas
Retail: $59.99

Back in March I had the great pleasure of trying my first Del Maguey product: Pechuga. It blew my mind not only in taste but in concept. The distilling methods of the Oaxacans stand for exactly what I believe spirits should be: a regional representation of a skilled craft. See, I appreciate spirits a little more than wine, in the sense that anyone, anywhere can make a spirit; however with wine, one is victim to climate, soil and altitude. All you need is some kind of sugar, still and a know how and you've got a spirit.

Back to Del Maguey. There is a product line of single village Oaxacan Mezcal that fall under the label Del Maguey. They are curated under the direction of Ron Cooper. Ron is an artist, who while travelling to Southern Mexico stumbled upon the distillers of these Mezcals. It was love at first sip. He did the paperwork(which was particularly tricky for the Pechuga, seeing as it has raw chicken involved in the distillation process) and established an importing company devoted to these single village Mezcals.

Justin's Notes

Color: Clear

Nose: Peppers(green), Smoke, Earth, Vegetal notes, black pepper

Pallette: oily, high ethanol, acidity, acidity, acidity, burn mid pallette, good cut

Rating: 7/10


Tom's Notes

Color: Just off clear, no sediment

Nose: mesquite BBQ, sweetness (vanilla), vegetal, earth

Palate: Burn mid palate and on gums, smoke, vanilla, acidity, earth, mid/long finish, ok cut, slightly oily.

Rating: 8


Ben's Notes

Color: Clear, no sediment, oily

Nose: funky, moldy, rubber, new car smell

Palate: Smoky, funky, rubber. High burn, around 100 proof, Slightly oily. Longer finish.

Rating: 7.5

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Jake B. Sher said...

We use Del Maguey at my Bar along with a serrano-infused Inocente for a Spicy Cucumber Margarita. Smooth and delicious!